Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thank You Mama & Daddy!

My parents came this weekend to keep Leah and Sam while we all ran the Bodock 5K (I'll post about the race next). I really appreciate it when they attend our races, cheer us on, and keep up with Sam and Leah.

Yesterday when they arrived, Mama gave Leah and Sam the cutest little handmade dog houses! She even included a stuffed dog. They are just precious, and Leah and Sam have carried them around and played with them all weekend. My girls get their creative gene from my mother. It skipped a generation!

Sam with his doghouse

Leah with her doghouse

Today Mama and Daddy cleaned out my entire refrigerator and easy task since I have not deep cleaned it even once, and we have lived here for 4.5 years! Periodically I have thrown away the old stuff, and wiped the shelves, but never a deep clean like they did today. They took out all of the contents and every single drawer and shelf. Then they scrubbed the inside....Mama even used a toothpick and toothbrush! Mama also washed every shelf and drawer in the sink while Daddy served as the designated drier. He dried each item and then returned it to the newly cleaned fridge. I organized the food in the clean refrigerator and freezer and have enjoyed opening the fridge ever since!

the clean refrigerator!

the clean freezer

Then, as if that weren't enough, Mama cleaned my stove. I tackled the "under the kitchen sink/former trash can cabinet". It was so yukky! We recently purchased a new garbage can that sits on the floor in the kitchen, and I had not cleaned out where the old one was under the sink. So I did it today! And it looks fabulous!

So what did I do after 4.5 hours of cleaning in the kitchen??

Fried bacon for shrimp and grits for supper!

I cleaned up the stove really, really well after cooking!

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  1. How sweet of your folks to do that! Your mom sounds like her definition of clean is the same as my momma's was! And, they use mine and Larry's system - I wash, he dries!!
    I love the dog houses, too! Precious!
    My friend, Donna S, told me the other day that she made your Shrimp and Grits recipe I posted and her family loved it!! I have had a hankerin' for it too!!
    Have a blessed day!!