Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu Monday

Several of this week's recipes are from my friend Connie's blog. Please visit Meal Planning with Connie for all sorts of yummy recipes, tips, and encouragement.
1. Chicken Strips with Swiss Cheese Sauce, angel hair pasta, salad
2. Pizza Pasta Bake
3. grilled chicken, corn on cob, crunchy green salad
4. roast and vegetables, green beans
5. Crazy Crust Pizza
6. Pasta salad, fruit salad
7. Connie's Rotel Chicken Lasagna
You can visit The Happy Housewife for more delicious menus.


  1. I'm a 'shoot from the hip' girl when it comes to dinner. I've got to do better. Thanks for the inspiration and link to Connie's site! off to make my list.

  2. YUM! Your meal plans sounds delicious! Especially since I started the South Beach Diet this week and just about all yummy foods are off limits! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. I usually plan our menu in my head! It works for me. Tonight is leftovers. We will all have a little of this and a little of that. I hate having all that good food go to waste! Great list!

  4. Roan,

    Thanks for the link to The Happy Housewife! I know I'll find a lot of new recipes there!!
    Did you guys start school today? I thought about y'all!! I hope it was a great day!!!