Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reading Time

Recently more than one person has asked me how do I make the time for reading. At any one time I am usually reading three or four books, and this is how I do it---a little bit here, a little bit there. I keep a book or two in my "bookbag" and I take it along with my purse every where I go. When I am waiting in the car for Jimmy to run into a store, in a drive thru line, while my gas is pumping....any little bit of idle time, I read a little from the book in my bookbag. I keep a book or two beside my bed, and I read a little bit each night. I also read a couple of pages from another book right after my Bible time each morning. I can read in the car if we are on a long trip (4 lane highway, no starts and stops), but I do get carsick if I try to read while Jimmy is just driving us around town. When I was nursing a baby, I kept a book on the couch or in my bed and I read whenever I sat down to nurse. This summer I read outside while watching the children in the pool.

Those little moments add up. It's like everything else for me, if I wait for that big hunk of time to actually complete a task (even a small task like reading one whole chapter of a book), I will never have the time to get to it. However, a few minutes here and there add up to my completing many, many books each year.

I like to keep three or four books going at a time. I usually have a book just for pleasure (like a Karen Kingsbury novel), a creative type book (usually scrapbook or organizing related), a cookbook, an inspirational book (usually something by Teri Maxwell, Sally Clarkson, or other homeschool mothers), and a practical, helping kind of book (like how-to books for homeschooling, homemaking, being a better wife and mother).

I have listed some of my favorite books in my sidebar. I need to add to this list because I have some new favorites since I created that list a year ago.
Happy Reading!


  1. Roan, my friend Sydney connected me with you several years ago when my now six year old was only two!! You invited me over to spend an afternoon with you and your children. I took notes that day of things that you recommended. I still have my list, and I refer to it often!!! Thank you so much for carving out that time for me! It was a huge blessing! Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Florida and homeschools, and it just so happens that the two of you were friends in college. She told me about your blog, and I have been reading your archives faithfully!! Love it! Erik, my husband, and I still pray about homeschooling all the time. Only one of our children (four boys - ages 6 years to 11 months)is in school. My heart yearns to pull him out, so we are continuing to pray!

    I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your blog! Thanks so much for all the great information you post! You inspire me!

  2. Roan, I do the same thing. I always keep a book with me. It's amazing how much time you can find here and there. I have about four books going right now, but I'm really trying to just have one at a time.

  3. I have books in my purse, in my van and my nightstand is overflowing!
    I sold a good many of our books we were finished with last spring, but the kids' shelves are still full!!
    What is it they say - so many books, so little time?!