Monday, August 10, 2009

Game Organization

Today as I was tidying up the kids' "playroom", I noticed that the games shelves were badly in need of attention. The baskets overflowed with assorted game pieces, game boards were not in their boxes, and the games were crammed into the shelves.....I didn't even take the time to get my camera for "before" pictures. I planned to spend about 15 minutes organizing, but of course that turned into an hour!
Here are the "after" pictures.

The first shelf. The three baskets on the top shelf hold: (1) Don't Break the Ice game, (2) zip-lock bags of small wooden puzzles, (3) various card games in their original boxes. The baskets on the bottom shelf hold DVDs. On the second shelf behind the game boxes are 3 or 4 game boards who have lost their original game boxes. The rest of their game pieces are in a container on the other shelf.

The second shelf. This shelf holds mostly games and puzzles in their original boxes, plus 3 blue wet wipe containers holding: (1) Candy Land pieces and Checkers (from 3 different checkers boards--the game boards are on that other shelf. (2) Jenga, (3) card games (decks of regular cards, Uno cards, and Phase 10 cards).

close up of the first shelf
close up of the second shelf

close up of the wet wipe containers

I collected these Chubbs brand wet wipe containers when Olivia and Julie were babies. The company discontinued making them right after Clay was born. I have about 150 of these containers in various colors. I have used them for many, many different things over the years. They interlock like Legos, so they have also provided hours of entertainment for my children. I made labels for them today with my label maker.


  1. My favorite thing is the old chubs! I remember those, though they were gone before my babies. I love how they stack. Good for you for thinking to use them!

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I'm so inspired! We emptied our toy shelves in prep for downsizing and moving toys to another storage unit. Right now they're all over a couch and a table in the family room... Hopefully I'll get to this today!

    Nice blog look - the blue and brown look good together. :-)

  3. Wow! That looks so great. You always do so good with organization! Love to see your projects! Enjoy your day!

  4. I love those chubs continers. We still have some in Nicks room.