Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My New Look

Well, I spent some time this afternoon changing my blog if I didn't have many more productive things I could be doing! Thankfully this time I didn't lose my Bloglist, but I did lose many of my link buttons, including my own! I have emailed LeeLou about this, and I am confident that I will soon receive the information I need to reinstall my Joyful Always button. For the time being, I have just copied a picture of my link button in the sidebar.

Our first 3 days of school have flowed more smoothly than I expected! Everyone seems to be adjusting well to the changes I made in our curriculum, and Olivia's 9th grade course load is not taking her all day as she and I both feared! I am reading aloud to all of the children after breakfast and to Clay for about 30 minutes each day from books set in the Dark Ages. These books are interesting! Julie is reading her Dark Ages books independently, and she has commented more than once that history is her favorite subject! Good books are like that! I am using a wonderful resource called All Through the Ages as a guide to help me choose good, living books for each time period. I probably acquired more books than we can read this year about the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, but we'll see.....

Leah still LOVES doing her small amount of schoolwork. She is currently completing two math lessons a day, because she doesn't want to stop. I know that the new will wear off, and she and I both will be glad for the head start. Teaching eager little girls is so different from teaching reluctant, wiggly boys! I am enjoying Leah and her thirst for learning so much!

Sam proudly tells everyone that he is in preschool....his days really don't look that much different than they did in the summer, except that now I provide him with educational activities in addition to his regular work (play!). His latest pastime is hooking up the wagon to his 4 wheeler and calling it his trailer (like his Daddy's). He pulls that wagon (trailer) all over the place!

Clay has continued his habit from last year of either working on his school work for the next day after supper, or getting up early to complete it before breakfast. He is growing to be more independent in his school work.

3 days down....167 to go!


  1. Like the new look! Sounds like you've got the school year off to a good start!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. LOve the background, and it sounds like ya'll are having fun!