Monday, October 5, 2015

A Trip To Tampa

We are home from a 5 day trip to Tampa with Kelly and Lynn, and their oldest son, Parker.  We took Clay and Parker for an official college visit, and we were able to visit with Olivia and Julie too.

Much fun was had (as always when we are with Kelly and Lynn). Many laughs and many memories made. Lynn and I ran twice while we were there--4 miles each run, and it was hot. Jimmy ran many miles (20 one morning).

We attended some college classes.  Clay and Parker went to 5 classes, I went to 3, Lynn went to 1, Jimmy went to 1, and Kelly lasted about 10 minutes in college algebra.  :) We were also able to attend chapel twice, and we visited two different churches for services yesterday.

Jimmy took lots of pictures, and I hope to share some tomorrow.  It's late, and I don't think he has even downloaded them to his computer yet.

Leah and Sam stayed behind with Megan for half the time and half the time with Leanna.  Thanks girls!

While at the airport waiting to leave and also on the plane, I did some reading….I finished Tom Sawyer and I read my chapter for our book club this week.

That's all for now. Tomorrow's plans include beginning another week of half-marathon training, homeschool, XC practice, art lessons, grocery shopping and laundry.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Work and Play

I am reading both Tom Sawyer and Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, and I found a passage in each book regarding work and play--both similar in a way, and both worth pondering.

From Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, p.19:
"…..he would have now comprehended that work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do, and that play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do."

From Better Than Before, p. 193:
"But it turns out that extrinsic motivation undermines intrinsic motivation, so rewards can turn enthusiastic participants into reluctant paid workers, and transform fun into drudge work."

Now think about those two quotes for a minute.

Also remember that what is fun for one person may not be fun for another, and the same is true about work. 

Play is what we do because we enjoy doing it.  Work is something that we perceive (and usually rightly so) we have to do. Play can become work if we are doing it for the wrong reasons, and this usually affects our attitude toward the activity in a negative way. Work can be perceived as play if our attitude toward the task at hand is a positive one.

Most of it is in our mind.

Before this all gets too confusing, just remember that whatever you are facing--play or work--thanksgiving produces joy. Find something to be thankful for. Enjoy your work, and enjoy your play, but in all things give thanks to God who makes it all possible. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

This and That

  • We are still watching the MSU game.  So far, it has not been too much fun to watch.  It's not over yet, so I am still hopeful.
  • My girls are coming home for fall break in less than two weeks!  Yay!
  • What did we do before Google?  How did we find the answer to random questions? 
  • Do you ever look at your Pinterest pins?  Or do you just pin things and never look at them again? I recently looked at all my pins, and I was so inspired by the things I had pinned!
  • Megan introduce me to Bitmoji, which I immediately shared with Lynn and Leanna. Our texts will never be the same!  :)
  • The game is almost over. It's not looking too good for the Bulldogs.  :(
  • M&Ms are my favorite.
  • If I run 3 miles in the morning, I will have all my miles for the week.
  • That's all.

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Laptop Was in Tallahassee

Last night when I got ready to blog, I realized that my laptop was in the car with Jimmy…in Tallahassee! He went yesterday to Tallahassee to watch the older girls run a cross country meet at Florida State University.  It was another huge meet for them. I am so proud of them, and I am so happy that Jimmy has now seen 3 of their meets this year!

Tomorrow we are grilling out and watching the Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M with Kelly and Lynn.  Go State!

I haven't gotten out my fall decorations yet.  I went to Megan's house Thursday, and it looks so cute and fallish.  So cute!  I am hosting two bridal showers in November, so I really have to get out the fall decor!  I did plug in some leaves wallflowers last week, so at least my house smells like fall.

It's time to think about Christmas.  As soon as I see that Hobby Lobby has their Christmas gift wrap out, I'll let you know.  They will have it 40% off I'm sure.  They will put it 50% off later, but by that time most of the cuter prints are sold out. They actually had a few rolls of Christmas wrapping paper the last time I was there, but very, very few.  I can't wait until it's all out on display!

Well, it's almost midnight, so I better click on "publish" or this post will not make it today.