Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My 40th Birthday!

Today is the BIG DAY, but actually I have been celebrating for several days! We make a big deal over birthdays here at the Johnson house. Not necessarily with big parties and such, but by making the birthday person feel special....doing their chores for them, cooking their favorite foods, taking them to their favorite restaurant, giving them thoughtfully picked out or handmade gifts, and just letting them know how precious they are to us! My sweet husband and children have done just that for me beginning last Friday night!

The Spartans gathered at Coach Heather's house Friday night for a season opening, Spartan spaghetti supper.....and a surprise for me! We arrived a few minutes late, and as we approached the barn where all of the people and food were, suddenly Heather took my picture, and the whole crowd erupted with Happy Birthday!

They sang to me, and then directed my attention to a huge banner that Jimmy, some of his nurses, and the girls had made. All of the Spartans had written their birthday wishes on it.

Jimmy had even bought a delicious cake from a yummy local bakery, cupcakes, and pink plates and napkins (my favorite color). The cake was pink (strawberry) too!

On Sunday, we continued the birthday celebration. Today, Jimmy has to work, and I will not see him until church tonight. We won't get home until around 9:00, so Jimmy and the children chose to celebrate most of my birthday on Sunday afternoon.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant, then while Jimmy and I were gone for a little while, the children decorated the table.
We had coffee, M&Ms (my favorite), and some of the delicious birthday cake from Friday. Then I opened my gifts!

All of my precious children

A beautiful card from Clay
He got carried away drawing candles, and actually drew 50!

Julie made me a beautiful necklace with matching earrings
my card from Julie

Olivia crocheted these cute slippers!

a gift from Jimmy--a GPS for the car!!

a black dress
Jimmy had taken me clothes shopping a few weeks ago for my birthday! I am actually wearing a dress and cardigan from that shopping trip in these pictures.

the slippers
My family really made my birthday special. The children may have a few more surprises for today (they are all still upstairs, asleep, I guess!).....and I plan to take us out to eat tonight before church (so I don't have to cook supper on my birthday!).
I know that it will be a super day!


  1. Happy 40th Birthday Roan! May the Lord bless you abundantly (and surely from your post it is obvious that He has done just that) and may today be one surrounded by His goodness. What a precious weekend of memories!

    Birthday Blessings ~ Jarnette

    Psalm 139:14 "I praise you, for 'you' were fearfully and wonderfully made..."
    (emphasis added) ~ celebrating the life the Lord has given you...

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It looks like you are having a marvelous one.

  3. Happy Birthday! Seems like you had great celebration! Love all the pictures!

  4. Loving the slippers! Happy happy birthday Roan!

  5. How sweet of your family to make you feel so special! You have a such a great family! Happy Birthday!

    The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace.

    Numbers 6:24-26

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a nice day! I never cook dinner on my birthday, either! :)

  7. Cooking on your birthday just can't be done! Hope your day has been fabulous!

  8. Happy Birthday, Roan! 40 is great! I just joined that club in April... :-)

  9. Happy two score and more to come Birthday. God Bless!