Friday, September 18, 2009

A Visit to the Beautyshop

Monday, Leah and I visited the beautyshop. We were both needing a haircut! Leah desires for her hair to be LONG like her older sisters' hair, but I explained to her that in order for it to grow out long and healthy, we needed to get one last short haircut. I reminded her that both Olivia and Julie were 5 or 6 when they had their last short haircut, and now look at their long hair!
So she agreed!


Leah--another AFTER

About my haircut.....the hairdresser cut about 4 inches off. It is basically the same style, just shorter. However, I am having a difficult time styling it. I am a hot rollers and lots of hair spray kind of girl, and this hairstlyle may require a round brush and blow dryer kind of styling!
I can still make a pony tail!


  1. Super cute! Tell Leah that Kate & Lia said she looks "SO sweet"!

    It's funny, but I think she looks just like you in the first picture, like Julie in the second picture, and like Olivia from the side in the third one!

  2. She's so cute! Your little "mini me". LOL

  3. Love love love Leah's hair! She is super cute! But, I hate hairspray! I used a round brush when I was curling it under. Now, I'm just using my fingers to flip it out. Then, I go over it with a straightener. FYI! :)

  4. I go tomorrow for the long over-due color & cut. I'm so over 'color'. & would just cut it all off, if I could adjust. -- Leah looks adorable. It takes a few of those 'short' cuts to grow it out right. She's precious.
    So sweet she wants it long like her sisters. :)

  5. ps. I have thick hair & I broke down and purchased a flat iron from Sally's - I say thick because it takes a really hot iron to straighten where you want to. I always straightened/smoothed mine before with hot rollers. They were the only quick way to do my hair.