Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Countdown to Christmas!

Yes! It is time to start thinking about the Christmas season! Megan found this great website called 100 Days to Christmas (which began on my birthday--Sept. 16! Who knew that I was born exactly 100 days before Christmas?). This blog/website has a daily tip to help you prepare for the Christmas season. I plan to visit this blog from time to time for new ideas, but I will still pretty much follow my plans from years past.

Now is the time to get out your Christmas binder. Create a new section entitled 2009. I laminate a piece of paper with 2009 typed in the center (either red, green or Christmas themed paper). I keep a spiral bound notebook tucked in the front binder of my binder, because I still like to make a written list of gifts bought, and items to do or buy. When I have purchased or made all of my gifts, I then type a master list and check off each item as I wrap it. The typed list goes inside the binder.

This week's task is to create a list of all the gifts you have already bought. Remember, shopping throughout the year is less stressful and also easier on your budget. I have purchased several gifts over the last few months, but have not written them down yet. I have them all stored in one extra large plastic storage box. This week, my goal is to open that box and record on paper what is in there and who it is for. From this point on, I will record each gift as I buy it.

One more task for this week is to finalize any plans for handmade gifts. My girls are creating gifts for their friends, teachers, coach, and all of the ladies in our church. We are buying the supplies they will need this week so they can get started. We will make a list of every person who receive a handmade gift, and they can check off each name as they finish.

While I have my Christmas binder out, I will look at the previous years.....gifts I gave, gifts I created, gift recipients, recipes tried, parties hosted, etc. This will help me as I plan this year's season.

Next week.....Christmas card prep.


  1. Great ideas as usual! I can't believe it's that close!

  2. Wow! How can Christmas be less than 100 days away?! Thanks for the tips! I look forward to more!!

    Many blessings and happy Christmas planning!!

  3. I am SO giggling right now because my sister even bought a Christmas binder! Love that I'm rubbing off! She would have made fun of me terribly this time last year! ha!

  4. Thanks for the FYI on the Christmas Countdown site! I have already updated my Christmas card list and made a list of the names of family/friends to purchase gifts. I need to purchase a binder to keep it all organized. So excited I am ahead of schedule :)

  5. I can't even go there in my mind until after cross country season!!

  6. This is a wonderful tip. Thank you so much for sharing!