Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Day, Another Practice!

Since it is cross country season, running is a bigger than usual part of our lives right now. The children have practice 3 days a week, and meets or races every Saturday--until the last Saturday in October!

Jimmy was off last Thursday, and as usual he brought his camera to practice. I am so happy that the takes hundreds of pictures each month to document our lives! Several of my friends have noticed that he always has his camera, and I am so glad that he does!

Here are some highlights of a recent practice.

Amy and Me

Happy Spartans!

Olivia and Catherine

Sarah, Julie, Martha, and Hannah--stretching

Leah and Avery--playing

Me and Esther--Esther ran her first marathon last Sunday! Go Esther!
At the end of today's practice the bottom fell out of the sky. It was raining bucketfuls, and thundering and lightning too! I got drenched just walking from the covered pavilion to the van--with an umbrella. Of course the children were soaked to the bone and muddy too! Today was a trail run! We had planned to go from xc practice straight to our monthly Keepers At Home meeting (with a stop for supper on the way), but instead we had to go home so I could change into dry clothes, and the girls could shower. We were that wet, and they were that dirty!
The girls had a delightful time at the first Keepers meeting of the new school year. Leah made 4 different kinds of pretty and pleasant-smelling soap (Thanks Anita), and Olivia and Julie crocheted. This year the older girls are bringing handwork projects from home to work on during our meetings. They are visiting while working and having the best time! For the Bible study time, the mothers are taking turns speaking about the verses from Proverbs 31:10-31. We are studying 3 verses a month.
Another day, another practice, another long to-do list with not much crossed off!


  1. So impressive! You are so blessed - as you already well know! :-)

  2. too bad Jimmy didn't have pictures of us leaving practice yesterday! If you need me to come help you clean one day, I can!

  3. Don't you guys have photo shop or something that can enhance pics and make the weary and tired look perky? :)