Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wing Dang Dash 5K

Pops and Olivia

Yes! That is the name of the race we ran Saturday! It is held in my hometown, and the theme celebrates the local chicken industry and blues music. Our family traveled to my parents' home Friday night where we enjoyed a delicious pre-race supper of spaghetti prepared by my mother.

This race also had a half mile fun run after the regular 5K, so Leah and Sam ran. This was Sam's first race! The night before and the morning of the race, he said that he wasn't going to run....but when race time came he lined up with his 2 older sisters and ran! After the race he said, "I ran FAST!"

No one set a personal record (well, I guess Sam did since it was his first race!), but we all did our best. Jimmy won 2nd place 40-44, I won 1st place 40-44, Olivia won 1st place 14 and under (and she was the 3rd female finisher), Julie won overall female, and Clay won 2nd place 14 and under. Leah and Sam were awarded finisher's medals, and a couple of frisbees!
The frisbees!
For Leah and Sam, the best part of the morning was getting their race packet after the race!
Leah had asked for a couple of weeks if there would be a race packet....I knew from the past year when Jimmy and the kids ran this race that they only gave race packet! So my mother made Leah and Sam a race packet! We put their race t-shirt and several little race packet type items (calendars, sticky notes, key chains, etc.) in a bag.
Sam and Pops
Sam with Olivia and Julie running the fun run
Leah and Mama running the fun run!
Julie and Clay after the race
Leah before her race

My parents served us another delicious meal of boiled shrimp, and then we headed back home. We listened to the heartbreaking MSU/LSU game on the way home.


  1. Y'all are adorable.

    And that game. THAT GAME. Broke my heart.

  2. Way to go Sam! Your first race with lots of memories.

  3. I just love that your family runs together! It's fun to see and read about all the races!! Warms my heart!

    Have a joyful week, sweetie!!

  4. Heartbreaking is right!!!! Looks like ya'll had a fun weekend.