Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu Monday

Here are this week's meals!
Check out Meal Planning With Connie for menu inspiration!

pasta salad, fresh fruit salad

Bible Study: shrimp scampi, cream cheese brownies

sandwiches, leftovers

cheeseburger crowder, hamburger bun croutons

grilled chicken, Ranch potato wedges, peas

shrimp scampi pizza, salad
Just a reminder to make your grocery shopping easier. Create a list of the items you frequently buy. Type the list in the order that you see them when you are walking through your grocery store. Hang a new list in the kitchen each week when you return from grocery shopping, and ask each family member to highlight items as we run out, or when they think of something that they need. When you make your weekly menu, highlight the items you need on the list.
Happy Shopping, Happy Cooking, and Happy Eating!
Please visit for more menu ideas.


  1. Roan,

    Thank you for the grocery shopping tips! You are always inspiring to this organizationally challenged gal! I told your grocery store shopping story to my family tonight! They could all identify and got a good laugh out of your tale!

    Love and many blessings!!!

  2. Hey Roan, I got the book at Barnes and Noble. YOu can order from Amazon of course, too.