Friday, September 4, 2009

Blue Rock Field Trip

Clay collecting blue rocks

Wednesday, Jimmy had a nice surprise for me.....he took the children 120 miles north (picked up Pop, his dad, on the way) for a field trip. They visited a creek that is full of blue rocks! They really are beautiful! Some of them are even green and purple. I have never seen rocks like this before.

wading in the creek, collecting rocks

Look at what we found!

What fun!

Leah, Pop, and Sam

On this morning, I left the house before anyone else was 5:20 AM. For the first time ever, I met my dear friends Lynn, Emily, and Kim for an early morning run. These girls meet regularly to run in the early morning, but since I live across town from them, and also since Jimmy has to be at work so early, I have never been able to join them. I was delighted to run with them! We had the best time! 6+ miles passed in no time at all with us chatting away! We were through running by 7:00, and I stopped by the gas station for chocolate milk and coffee (to refuel), and then I did my monthly Walmart shopping--no children in tow. Next, I stopped by my new eye doctor's office (she is wonderful, by the way) to try a new contact. Dr. Julie Brock is taking very good care of me. I am having some vision issues---I just can't see! Dr. Brock has been working with me, trying different prescriptions and brands of contacts, plus she renewed my glasses and reading glasses prescriptions. I plan to visit her office again next week to order new glasses!
After running my errands, I spent the rest of my day here at the house alone cleaning and doing laundry. I also scrapbooked a little, not making any new pages, but selecting and ordering pictures that I needed to create the rest of my Disneyworld pages.
A great big THANK YOU to my sweet husband for my day! The children absolutely LOVED their day trip. In fact, Clay told me that it was almost as much fun as Disneyworld! And only 120 miles away!


  1. Clay is learning early that it truly is the simple things that make us feel so blessed!

  2. Sounds fun, will need to get directions. Plus the time to enjoy with friends is always a welcome opportunity.

  3. I'm glad you had such a good day! I hit a big wall with my running. My old back injury showed up when I ran a couple of weeks ago and my chiropractor stopped me from even walking for a solid week. I still haven't started back. I'm so far behind at this point.

    Fall decorations- I'm so glad you posted this. I have been wanting to put mine up, and my hubby said he thought I needed to wait until Oct. I'm going to let him know others have put theirs out and I guess I'll be decorating tomorrow.

  4. Looks like fun! The Johnson kids love their rocks. :)

  5. What fun! For you as well as the kids! I, too, need to find out where they went. Usually around the end of September, Mark takes off a day, and we leave the area for a family day off. My kids would LOVE to go rock-finding!

    And WOW! Clay looks just like his granddaddy!!! I never noticed it before I saw the pic!

    Loved having you come to the track this week! Have a great weekend!

  6. Logan was always big on rocks when he was about Clay's age! What a fun day for all!!

    I hope your vision problems improve!

    Many blessings!