Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Organized Photos

Last spring I began organizing my photos. Some of them were in various albums, some of which were falling apart. The rest of the unscrapped photos were stored in this plastic box. This box held all of our snapshots as well as professional pictures, Christmas card extras, and school yearbook photos.


I have worked on getting those pictures out of the box and the albums and into these photo safe storage boxes for months now! I worked on it little by little--15 minutes here and there. It's finally complete! All of our photos are in these boxes!

Since I began so long ago, Hobby Lobby did not have anymore of the original boxes I began with.....therefore I have 3 different colors of boxes. Yes this bothers me, but what can I do?
The larger white box to the left holds the non 4 x 6 pictures.....the professional 5 x 7s, school pictures, extra Christmas cards, and a zip lock bag of negatives.

I labeled each box with the years that the photos were taken. I simply sorted them by the year. Thankfully, I could still remember which year the pictures were made!

These category boxes are mostly empty so far.

Now, I plan to go through my photos and pull out ones that I would like to scrapbook.....and place them in the appropriate box. I am so excited about being free from the burden of chronological scrapbooking! As I sorted my pictures, I had lots of ideas for scrapbook pages. For example....I found that on each of our 4 trips to Disneyworld, we had many pictures taken in similar places. I want to make some pages showing those same spots, but on different trips.

My scrapbooking supplies are fairly organized and awaiting me......I have promised myself that I will not buy any more scrapbooking paper or accessories until I have almost used up all that I already have on hand!
Now, do any of you have a favorite brand of scrapbooking 12 x 12 album? I began with Creative Memories albums (I have 2 full ones), but I do not wish to use that type anymore. I also have one Close To My Heart album and 50 page protectors. I really like that album because you can make the pages and insert them in any order. I really like that feature. I want to buy 5 albums in 5 different colors (for my new system of scrapbooking) any of you have a product that you like better than the Close to My Heart? I looked at Pioneer scrapbooks, but they are available in only 4 colors.
Thanks for your ideas, and Happy Scrapbooking!


  1. Looks so nice and organized! Oh that I would be that way. Maybe I would actually FINISH one thing!

  2. What a great job. I have four boxes waiting to be filled with the photos I want to take out of albums I put together years ago. You gave me inspiration!!!

  3. That is great Roan! I have the boxes, just have not found the time to put our pictures in there! We take so many pictures, I think I should go and buy more boxes! Maybe I will have time one day soon!

  4. Oh, that is so great, Roan!! Will you come do mine?! I have a closet filled with photos in various boxes and packages! Yes, it is a closet full!! It's too overwhelming for me to think about!!! It's going to be one of those post-child rearing projects!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!!!

    Love ~ Connie

  5. Roan ~

    I love the photo boxes...I went through and sorted all our pictures (before going digital a couple years ago) into photo boxes, too. However, since going digital and adding almost 3 more children to our family, scrapbooking has been put on a backburner. I look forward to the day to get back into it. I have used the Creative Memories albums 12x12 for our family albums and smaller ones for each of the children's baby books. I have taught a couple scrapbooking yearbook classes for homeschool friends, where the children used 6x6 albums made by Pioneer because of the slip in page feature. Love your blog and look foward to visiting it again soon.

    Blessings ~