Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Summer List

I have finally completed my summer list! I have it divided into six major categories:

1. Household--I listed every single drawer, closet, shelf, and area that I wanted to clean out and reorganize. I also listed things like deep clean the refrigerators, wash windows, wipe ceiling fans and other cleaning tasks that I don't do on a weekly or even monthly basis.
2. Children's Rooms--This list includes cleaning out their closets and drawers, and removing toys that they have outgrown.
3. School--This list includes cleaning out the schoolroom and preparing for the next school year.
4. Projects--Here I have listed projects like scrapbooking, mending, Bible verse book for Leah, and letter writing list.
5. Places to Go--All of the places we want to make sure we visit this summer (locally)---the library, splash pad, book mobile, HealthWorks children's museum.
6. Hospitality--I listed people to visit (elderly and shut-ins), people to invite over to swim and play, and people to take a meal to.
Under each category I have very detailed, very specific items to accomplish. My three older children have each made their own Summer Productive List which includes productive things that they can do in their rooms (like clean out drawers, shelves, and closets). Each morning after our Bible lesson and regular chores, we set a timer for 30 minutes and everybody works on their productive list. Some days I will assist the children in their rooms, and some days I will work alone on my list. I also am working on my summer list at least one other time during the day. I hope to work on the list three times a day on most days.
Making the master summer list, and then making the time to work on it each day works for me!
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  1. We are SO on the same page! Love your summer list idea!!!

  2. Now that's organized! I made a list of "what we want to do this summer" with the kids. I haven't thought about friends to have over. I tried to get my cleaning and organizing projects done before the kids get out of school for the summer. Great idea! Thanks.

  3. Great idea! When you go to healthworks, let me know... Scott and I want to take the kids this summer, too. They also have some really neat half day workshop things for only $15. Will wants to go to Gross Science!

  4. That is a great idea! I have a million ideas swarming in my head and it is time to get them on paper!!

  5. I love it! We make one every year too but ours is just fun to do stuff.

    You are so organized.


  6. I think I just sighed in happiness. I LOVE lists. Lists make me happy. Lists make life make sense. List are our friends! :)

  7. Wow! What a great list! I really should do something like this too! Thanks for the inspiration!

    By the way - thanks for reading about the 911 debacle! It turns out that when you turn on a cell phone, at least on mine, there's an SOS that shows up on the bottom of the screen. All you have to do is hit any buttons, and viola, you're instantly connected to your neighborhood 911 dispatcher...(Not that I tried it mind you....)

    It's a story to be told for years to come! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Great idea. I'll have to try that.

  9. i stopped making lists. cause then i have organization issues. i think im slightly ocd xD

  10. Love your list idea! We make one each summer as well. Ours is a layer book, with one page for each child, they make suggestions, and I make suggestions. :)

    Another idea on that deep house cleaning stuff - I made a master list of our entire house, broken down by room (like kitchen has items for refrigerator, island, oven cabinets, etc.) I work on that list all year long, and mark the date when I clean that area. That keeps me trucking throughout the year in baby steps.

    Have a happy summer!