Friday, May 8, 2009

And Then There Were Four


Yesterday when the children were picking up sticks in our yard to prepare it for Jimmy to mow, they discovered something exciting-----2 little kittens! They were under a tree, not too far from the highway. Of course they promptly rushed them to the house, begging to keep them. One is yellow, and one is calico.

Let me remind everyone that I am really not an animal person....I will take care of them, love them, and provide them with regular vet care, but I do not actively seek pets. But somehow, we already have 4 dogs and 1 cat!
I called my closest neighbor who lives on our side of the highway (I don't think these kittens could have made it across) to ask if they were theirs. She reported that her grandson's cat (who does live across the highway) had 4 kittens recently.....2 yellow, 1 calico, and she is unsure of the 4th one's color. I called the grandson's family numerous times last night, but never got an answer......meanwhile, the children have already gotten extremely attached to these two cute kittens, and have even named them! The calico is named Chloe, and the yellow one, Bo. Sam has claimed Bo for his own. Bo has a completely limp and useless front paw. He hobbles around on three legs. Sam has carried that poor cat around constantly.

Later last night when the children were taking the trash cans out to the road, they discovered one more kitten! Another yellow one! Of course they rushed him in to join the cat hotel, and they named him Frisky.

So now we have 4 cats---one "Daddy Cat" as Sam calls our cat, Marmalade, and three cute little kittens.

I am going to try again today to contact the neighbors.....I really don't think we need three more cats! However, I am going to offer to keep the little crippled cat.....I don't think he would last very long out where we all live.


  1. I give you so much credit! I couldn't handle 1 cat, now you have 4?? Plus the dogs? You are super mom, that's for sure!! My son would love to live at your house as we have no pets, hubby is allergic!! Thank God! Enjoy your day!

  2. But don't you enjoy sweeping cat hair off your hardwood floors daily? And having them mistake your formal dining room rug for a piddle pad (yeah, Jimmy told us about that one)?

    On another note, I was just looking at the picture of your kids on the sidebar, and they all look so much younger! Wasn't that picture taken less than a year ago? Wow.

  3. I'm impressed!

    You are a really good sport!

    Are any of your pets indoor pets?

    We got our dog, Lucy, about a month ago, and while she is super sweet, I don't love seeing dog hair in the house!

    I hope your new little kitten will be a great addition to your family!

    The pictures are precious!

  4. Congrats! I hope you find the owners of the others kittens.

    I am not an animal person either and yet we have had our own menagerie of pets. Currently down to one dog, one bird and a zillion fish.