Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Cat and Two Kittens Again

When we got home from our day at the Gumtree 10K (a post on that later), I had a message from my neighbor who picked up the orange kitten yesterday (not the original owner of the kittens). I called her back, and she informed me that she could no longer keep the kitten. Her little poodle is scared of the kitten, and they were not getting along! She asked me if I would take it now we have Marmalade the grown cat, Bo the lame kitten, and Friskey the friskey kitten! All three of these cats are orange, and as the kittens grown, I have no idea how I will tell these three cats apart. Will it even matter?
Just call us the Johnson Pet Shelter!

1 comment:

  1. Yes. I have leftover foam board from the 10K signs. You may find one in your yard with "Johnson Pet Shelter: Leave stray and hurt pets here!" on it! Haha!