Saturday, May 9, 2009

And Now There Are Two


I finally contacted the owner of the three little kittens. We were both amazed at how far they had traveled. They actually survived crossing the busy highway! Her little boy had been missing the kittens (one other kitten and the mama cat were still hat their home), but the mother was hoping to give them all away. Her little boy came by yesterday afternoon and took Chloe (the calico) home, another neighbor adopted Frisky (an orange one), and we are now the official owners of Bo (the "physically challenged" one).

Sam carries that poor cat around like a newborn baby in his arms....all day! Bo was so lethargic at first, but after eating some canned kitten food, he seems to have perked up. I am taking him to the vet first thing Monday morning for a check up, shots, and a diagnosis of the limp arm.

Now for the Johnson dog news. Our little dog Joy has had her share of medical problems over the last couple of years. For a synopsis of her trauma and drama click here and here.

Recently we noticed that Joy seemed to be uneasy around our other two large outside dogs. If they were in the garage, she was on the porch. If they moved to the porch, she hung out in the garage. We also found evidence of minor unexplained injuries on her. Last night, our fears were confirmed. The two larger dogs, Lucky (who is Lucky that I kept him---he was a stray) and Ribsy (skin and bones and infected with heartworms when someone dropped her off here when she was just a puppy), cornered Joy last night on our front porch and attacked her! Thankfully, Jimmy and Olivia heard her howling and crying and rescued her. They brought her in, bathed her, and cleaned out and medicated her wounds. Joy is now officially an indoor dog! We will allow her to play out in the fenced in back yard (off limits to the other dogs), but for the most part, we are keeping her inside with us.....and Lilly.....and Marmalade.....and Bo.

What a zoo!

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  1. I'm laughing and glad that it's you and not me, but that sound very un-fun to me.

    Oh, the kids had a short one mile race this morning and everyone did well. Mark and I were even allowed to run with our little ones (4 and 5 years old) while a friend watched the two babies at the finish line.

    I'm just happy that I didn't slow up my 4 year old, but hey she finished first for her age division. So we didn't do too badly!