Friday, May 22, 2009

The Piano Recital

Last night Olivia, Julie, and Clay had their piano recital. It was delightful! I was so proud of all three of them! This was Clay's first year to take piano lessons, but he said he was not one bit nervous about performing!

Each student played two songs. Most of the songs were played by each student alone, but some of the students performed duets. Clay and John Parker had a duet! It was quite entertaining!
Clay and John Parker

Julie and Olivia


  1. Good job kids. Is there something that ya'll do not do? You are always involved in so many things. Way to go!

  2. Great job! Did you get any sleep at all last night, Roan?

  3. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear a private performance...maybe on Friday? :)

  4. I know they did a wonderful job! They all look so big. It's amazing how fast time goes by!

  5. Does that bring back memories! Congrats to all of your kids! My parents always took me out for ice cream after the recital. Almost all of the kids involved in the piano recital would be there! Enjoy your weekend!