Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coke Classic 10K

Yesterday our family ran the Coke Classic 10K in Corinth. We were joined by family and friends and hundreds of other runners. Thankfully, the weather was perfect--wet, cool, and cloudy.

We all had a successful race! Jimmy, Julie and I set PRs (personal records), Clay did a super job, and Olivia and Julie both won gold coke bottle trophies. Please see the Race Results in the left sidebar for our times.

Megan graciously agreed to watch the non-running children while the rest of us ran the 10K. We are all expecting Megan to run this race next year!
Here are Sam, Leah, Grace (my niece), and John Parker (Lynn's oldest son)--waiting for us during the race.

Will--my nephew--He helped Megan transport all of the children to the race site.

Grace and Leah


These lovely, encouraging signs were placed along the racing route! Megan stayed up really late the night before the race constructing, painting, and displaying these signs. Unfortunately, NONE of the running Johnsons (except for Russ, her husband who knew to look for them) even saw them! Isn't that terrible?!? I guess we were all too focused on running to enjoy the scenery! I am so sorry Megan! Thank you for doing this!! I told Megan to store them and save them for next year!

Crazy Tom!

Yes, that is his name! Crazy Tom always entertains the crowd and his fellow runners with colorful attire. He is actually a very fast runner!

The Cheerleaders: Sam, Leah, and Grace

Russ and Jimmy with their Mama after the race.

Here is Lynn approaching the Finish Line! Way to go Lynn! This was her very first 10K, and she did an excellent job!!

Lynn and me.....We have matching hats, but not shirts! I almost wore my hot pink shirt, but at the last minute decided on turquoise---we should have texted the wardrobe plan!

Lynn--calling her family to relay the great news! She successfully completed her first 10K!

Julie, Me, Olivia

Megan and Jenny....Megan was the photographer until after the race. She got lots of action photos during the race. Thanks Megan!
Jenny is still looking fresh, even after 6.2 miles! Notice the large diva earrings---Jenny says that she can't run without them!

Julie (2nd place) and Olivia (4th place) with their gold coke bottle trophies

John Parker (Lynn's son) and Clay playing outside at Grandmomma's house

Julie resting after the race

Olivia resting after the race.

Megan, posing for Russ. Russ recently bought a new camera. I think he takes 100 pictures of Megan a day!

Two very handsome young men!
Sadly, Jimmy and Russ were on their way to a funeral for a family friend.

Here I am grilling hamburgers for our supper. Don't you love the apron?

Sam, Grace and Leah just having fun!
We had a really fun day! While our family does enjoy the actual running part of a race, the fellowship with family and friends before, during, and after the race is really what makes running so much fun. It truly is a family sport!


  1. Way to go guys! Sounds like you had fun. Maybe I can do a 10K this year.

  2. Such a fun day! I must remind you that Jenny did see the signs. So, at least one former Johnson saw them! Ha! Glad you all had a great race! I'll be there next year for sure!