Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gumtree 10K

Yesterday our family participated in the Gumtree 10K. This annual race attracts many elite runners including past Boston Marathon winners. How exciting to be running in the company of such greatness. Well, not really running with them! These elite runners finished between 29 and 30 something minutes!---when I was only halfway through!

Olivia and Julie each won 1st place in their age divisions, and Clay finished 4th place in his division. I ran with Jimmy's cousin, Stacee. This was her first 10K (she has completed 2 half-marathons and a few 5Ks, but not a 10K until yesterday.) Her goal was to break 1 hour, and we did that! Our official time was 59:13. I throughly enjoyed running this race. I gabbed with Stacee the whole time, and the race just flew by!
I listed everyone's time in the left sidebar.

Several of my friends' (Kelly and Lynn, Emily, Kim, and Penny) children ran the 2K race which was held during the 10k. Leah ran this race with my Daddy. He pushed Sam in the stroller while he ran beside Leah. She did great! She happily reported that she walked only 3 times, and this was the farthest that she has ever run (a 2K is a little more than a mile).

The weather was very rainy, wet, and even stormy during the race. We witnessed multiple flashes of lightning, and the bottom literally fell out when we had over 1 mile left. We were all drenched!
Leah, Sam and my friends' children before the races
Lynn, Stacee, and Me
Lynn and I are still like Jr. High girls....we had matching hats and shorts!
My parents with Leah and Sam.
Thankfully my parents are always willing to watch Leah and Sam for me so that I can run!
Jimmy approaching the finish line

Julie and Me
My parents with Julie, Sam and me after the race. Notice Sam sniffing my hair!

Clay with Carson, Ryan, John Parker, and Ben

Leah with the Chick-Fil-A cow

Julie and Olivia with their awards


  1. Congrats to all of you! Emilee and Ashley enjoyed it. They are going to be doing the Brewer 5K on the 30th. What is the next race for ya'll? What days are ya'll going to be at Saltillo Park next week??

  2. Looks like you all had a fun day! You all stay busy with the races don't you? Great (and healthy) family fun! :)