Monday, August 3, 2009

The First Day of School 2009

In spite of 3 power outages, one of which lasted over an hour, we completed our first day of the new school year! Woo Hoo! Since we have many computer based courses, and the power was on and off, we weren't able to follow the neat little schedule of events that I had painstakingly created. However, everyone had a super day, and finished their schoolwork before lunch! The first few days of school don't seem to take quite as long as normal, so I prepared them for the reality of school taking longer as the days go by.

Leah LOVES kindergarten. We read lots of books, played color and shape bingo, completed a phonics and math lesson, and then she spent the rest of the time creating masterpieces out of fun noodles.

I took these pictures this morning of the children......they look kind of like mug shots (except for Leah who was tickled pink to be starting school!).....I guess it was just too early for pictures!

Olivia--9th grade
Julie--7th grade

Clay--5th grade





  2. I have scheduled our first day for next week, but we are going leaving town mid-week. Jeff and the older boys are heading up to Chicago for a homeschool conference and the rest of us are going to my mom's. The guys will be back home LATE Sunday, so I don't know how our first day back will turn out. Trying to get everything in order before we leave town....sigh!

  3. I love Sam's face! He's like "Do I really have to go?"

  4. I hope you have a great first week! I have to get my pics uploaded from our first day.