Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Pre-School Fun Day

We actually spread our Pre-School Day into 3 days this year! Yesterday we had the treasure hunt, and I went over schoolwork with Olivia and Julie. Tomorrow afternoon I plan to review Clay and Leah's schoolwork with them. Today was fun! The prizes at the back to school treasure hunt yesterday were gift cards to Barnes and Noble. So today we went there so the children could shop. We also visited the bank so the children could make a deposit into their savings accounts, Hobby Lobby (I did a little Christmas shopping both there and at Barnes and Noble), Chick-Fil-A for lunch and lastly, Kroger for our weekly grocery shopping. What a full day! Everyone is pleased with the new books they bought today. Olivia and Julie put their gift cards together to buy one crocheting book to share.

A few pictures from lunch....

Sadly, Jimmy had to work today. We missed him very much!


  1. Can you believe the school year has started? Chickie~you are so organized. I thought I was organized but you ROCK :D