Monday, June 2, 2014

Menu and Miles Monday

I have been cleaning out and cleaning my house for 2 weeks now!  My schoolroom is my last place to clean out, and it will be a big job!  Right now, my schoolroom rug is covered and piled high with all of the stuff that I need to get rid of.  Bags and boxes of things from all over my house.  I even got my storage room (connected to my schoolroom and also includes my craft/sewing/gift wrapping area) cleaned out and organized.  What a job!

We have having a Gospel Meeting this week, and I am "feeding the preacher" tomorrow night.  You know what that means, right?  Clean the entire house from top to bottom, baseboards included.  Some years I even clean out and scrub my garage (not this year), because you know the preacher or his wife might want to inspect my garage.  :)  My basement, with the exception of my storage room will not be ready to receive company tomorrow, because I ran out of time.

Here's the menu and the miles for this week:

  • Sunday:  potluck--quinoa salad, green salad, pound cake, sweet tea
  • Monday:  Julie cooks--vegetable chowder, salad
  • Tuesday:  Company's Coming!--and I am tripling everything to share with two other families (delivering to them).  pasta salad, chicken salad, green salad, fruit salad, rolls, chocolate layered dessert
  • Wednesday:  bean and rice buffet, salad
  • Thursday: Southwestern bean burgers, oven fries, chips
  • Friday:  stir fry vegetables and rice
  • Monday:  7
  • Tuesday:  9
  • Wednesday:  rest
  • Thursday:  6
  • Friday:  5
  • Saturday:  Running With the King (Elvis) 5K, 5 miles total with warm-up. 
You can visit for more menu ideas. 

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