Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Send A Card

Yesterday I spent over five hours deep cleaning my bathroom and bedroom.  What I mean by deep cleaning is wiping down/washing the baseboards, doors, cabinets, shelves, light fixtures, windows, door and window facings, and ceiling fans.  I also scrubbed my shower.  I cleaned out, vacuumed, and reorganized every drawer and shelf.  What a job!  In between one hour work sessions I fixed and served lunch, wrote my blog post about RYC, and began cutting out a dress to sew for Leah.

In one corner of my bedroom, on a bottom shelf, was a medium sized basket full of cards, letters, and notes that were given to me when I underwent my diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent surgeries, over two years ago.  I have not gone through that basket since that time--simply because I have put that part of my life behind me, and I never seem ready to "go through that basket". Yesterday, I emptied out the basket, scanning each card, note, or letter……part of me wanted to just sit down and reread them all slowly, but the practical part of me won out--knowing that if I started that, I would probably lose steam on my cleaning project!  So I scanned them as I packed them in a plastic storage box along with some special items and cards given to me by my husband and children.

I was reminded of how good people can be.  As I briefly looked at each card, I found that some of the cards were from people I have never met (friends of friends), and some of them I have no remembrance of receiving (brain fog from pain medicine).  It did my heart good to be reminded of the outpouring of love, support, and encouragement so many people gave me during a time when I really, really needed it.  It was bittersweet to find cards of get well wishes from two special people who have since passed on from this life--my grandmother and an elderly man from our congregation.

Sending a card or writing a short note of encouragement and promise of prayer means so much to a person who is undergoing trials.  I am sure that most people, like me, keep these special cards and draw encouragement and support every time they get the cards out and reread them--like I did yesterday. Not only will they be lifted up when they receive the card, but they also will be motivated to share the blessing that they received by encouraging someone else.

So today I want to encourage you.  Send a card.  Write a short letter.  Mail it to someone that you know is suffering from a sickness, or enduring a lengthy illness, or recovering from a surgery, or awaiting test results, or is having a difficult time with a spouse or children, or has an important decision to make…..if you can think of anyone who needs your encouragement, send a card.

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  1. Such a positive and encouraging post to read this morning. Thank you for such a great suggestion Roan!