Friday, June 27, 2014

Beginning My School Year Planning

Finally.  I am beginning to plan for the 2014-2015 school year.  It will take me a while to get all of my books and supplies ordered and then to plan everything all out.  I like to do as much as possible during our summer break, so when school actually begins, I can just follow the plan.  Not spend every Sunday night getting things ready for the upcoming week.

How do I begin?

  • Clean out the children's work buckets.  That is what I call whatever they keep their school books and various supplies in.  Last year it was crates.  I emptied them completely out about a month ago.  Filed important papers, threw away a lot of trash, and only put back in the crates the books they would need for the upcoming school year.
  • Create a shopping list.  I wrote each child's name on a piece of paper and underneath listed every subject he would study next year.  Then I created another list where I wrote down every item that I had to buy as I listed each child's subjects.  Clear as mud?
  • For example:  On Sam's list, the first item was Horizons Math, Grade 3, Student Workbooks 1&2.  So on my ongoing "to buy" list, I wrote down Horizons Math, Grade 3, WB 1&2.
  • I did this for all four of my home schooled students.  I ended up with 16 items that I need to buy (for all 4 children), not including my Sonlight purchases.  I'll work on that list next.  
  • I was able to find everything that I needed at I plan to double check my list tonight and then place my order!
  • I do find that I am ordering less each year, because I use as many non-consumable products as possible.  I have one more Instructor's Guide to buy from Sonlight (Core E, because previously I used Core D/E combo, and for Leah and Sam I am using separate Cores for D and E), and then I will be done buying IGs from Sonlight.  I now have all IGs from Pre3/4 all the way through Core W (which I have instead of separate Cores G and H).  Plus Core 100.  
Back to planning and shopping.


  1. I was just thinking, I now have Sonlight Cores A, B, D & E combined, F, and G. Next year I am going to need Core C and Core H. Eventually I too will have all of the Cores. What do you plan to do with yours?

    At first I thought I would just sell the IGs and maybe keep some of their favorite books. Then I started thinking about the legacy I started for my children and thought, maybe one or more of them will want to use them to homeschool my grandchildren!

    Though the cores may change a bit, I love that Sonlight is so classic and pretty timeless. What are your thoughts on this Roan?

    1. I plan on keeping the IGs and the books too. In fact, I am keeping all of my school stuff that is not consumable. I plan on sharing with my daughters (and sons too if they want) all of my resources. I will have my own personal "library". Of course, if they want new stuff, great, but I want to have my things available to them if they wish. I guess at some point I would get rid of my IGs, teacher manuals, etc. But I don't plan on ever getting rid of my books.