Monday, June 9, 2014

Pinterest Is My Friend Again

When I first joined  Pinterest about three years ago, I spent time every night scrolling through and pinning various things.  And then I lost interest.  It was too overwhelming!  It also seemed like everything I tried was a "Pinterest Fail".  Remember my Lego birthday cake for Sam?

Now I usually get on Pinterest when it's time for me to plan for Vacation Bible School, Rustic Youth Camp, Back-to-School Celebration, and sometimes at Christmastime.

I have just spent over an hour on Pinterest looking at rainbow craft and art ideas! I am so happy with what I have found.  I discovered all of these really neat websites full of cool art projects for children.  And since I am not creative, I am so excited over finding these fun ideas!  I have already begun planning our Back-to-School Celebration, and I have not even ordered the first schoolbook for next year.

We began our VBS today, and the first day was a success.  Our theme is Running With Jesus, and as you can imagine, this theme (of running) was not too hard for me.  We are using a rainbow theme for our RYC class this year, and that is why I was looking for rainbow-related crafts.  So many to choose from!

I need to close the Pinterest window and start actually creating a plan.


  1. It is a wonderful tool if used wisely. Otherwise it can be a great time waster.

    1. Diana, you are exactly right! Which is why I have moved on from Pinterest today. :) However, I did pin many great ideas for both RYC and my own homeschool. Now, if I ever take the time to look at those pins again and do the activities…..