Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Garden Update

I really need to take a picture of my garden.  It is flourishing!  Our potatoes are delicious, and we have already eaten all of the broccoli.  Olivia removed the broccoli plants from the garden last week.  The cabbage was ready to be picked a few days ago, and I made delicious slaw from one head.  The rest of it is in the refrigerator.  We have more cabbage than we can eat before it goes bad, I'm afraid.

Julie picked the first of the squash a little while ago, and she dug up a good bit of potatoes.  We will have sautéed squash and boiled potatoes for supper tonight.  I have some leftover pasta salad and bean salad to put with it, and I will make a green salad as well.

The tomato plants (31 of them) are growing taller and taller every day.  Some of the plants already have green tomatoes on them!  The green beans are tall too!  This is my first time to grow green beans.

When the tomatoes start begin ready to pick, I plan to get my canning supplies out.  I will can most of them as whole tomatoes.  That way I can use them in soups, spaghetti sauce, or for making batches of fresh salsa.

Our VBS week is going well, and I am spending most of my afternoons working on my camp plans.  In fact, I need to get back to that right now!

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