Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm Done

With the kids' help, I finished my deep cleaning checklist before lunch this morning.  I must admit that I lost steam by the time we got to the kids' bedrooms and bathrooms, but they helped me and we got it done.

I may never clean again.  (Until next week.)

I celebrated my clean house with a lunch date with Jimmy.  A late anniversary date.  We went to KOK (Kermit's Outlaw Kitchen) in downtown Tupelo.  KOK serves fresh cooked food using locally sourced ingredients.  The menu featured entrees named for famous Mississippians.  I had the Brittany Spears Romaine Wrap, and Jimmy had the 80's Oprah Salad.  Both were delicious!  For dessert we went to Starbucks.  Yum.

Then we ran some errands (because when you have been married for 23 years, and you are in town without five children in tow---even though they are all big and can walk on their on and all---running errands on a date is actually fun).   Here is the exciting line-up:
Harbor Freight (I sat in the car for this one and made my grocery list.)
Home Depot

The boys are going to their monthly knife club meeting tonight and I plan to start working on my school stuff.  The girls and I will also probably play dominoes or rummy cube after supper.

Summer fun!

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