Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nothing to Say

I am determined to blog more, but I really don't have anything to say today.  Yesterday I was swamped, and did not even look at my computer.  I was even too tired last night to do my nightly scroll through Facebook to get my local news.  :)

We finished all of the cleaning that I had planned prior to hosting the visiting preacher, his wife, and their one year old baby for supper last night.  Preparing the meal was a group effort--I would have never gotten it all done without the help of my hard-working, cheerful girls.  We had a lovely visit with the Walker family, and Jessica was able to join us as well.  Since I had recently cleaned out the kids' rooms and our "secret room" (an unfinished storage area accessed through a closet), I knew exactly where the baby toys were stored.  I pulled out a few for baby Walker to play with, and just as I knew they would, Leah and Sam had as much fun as the baby with the toys!

Today I have caught up on bill-paying, checkbook-balancing, and trip planning….we are making a trip to Utah later on this year.  It takes a long time to book airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc., especially when you spend as much time as I do figuring and refiguring prices, researching various sites for the best deal, and so on.  Then I have to type it all up, nice and neatly. I have already spent hours on this computer today!

I am now ready to tackle my school room storage areas:  one large walk-in closet, one small closet, and underneath the countertop cabinets.  My goal is to finish in 2 hours.

Let the fun begin!

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