Friday, May 30, 2014

A Wonderful Gift

The beautiful quilt

Yesterday Teresa met me at our local fabric store to give me a precious gift…..
a quilt!  Made just for me!

Here's the story….two years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Teresa (whom I have met in person only one other time) and several other women (some of which I have met once, and some of which I have never met) from a Yahoo email group that I am a member of, (and I think that these women are part of a quilting group too…) began sewing a quilt for me--as a gift of encouragement as I underwent my ordeal with breast cancer.  This group of Christian ladies makes these quilts for ladies with cancer--what a wonderful act of love and service!  Anyway, for a variety of reasons, I am just now getting my quilt.

I am so grateful!  This labor of love is just beautiful.  And to think that all of these ladies were thinking of me and praying for me during such a difficult time in my life.  I was overcome with gratitude when I unfolded the quilt yesterday.  I couldn't stop smiling as I read the names of each lady who had sewn the squares.  Some of them, like I said, I knew.  Some of them I recognized their names from our email group.  Some of them I had never even heard their names before.  What a precious gift!

In addition to the beautiful quilt, the ladies included a scrapbook with a picture of each lady holding the quilt square that she made along with a note of encouragement.  Priceless!  Now I have faces to put with names on my email group.

I cannot tell you how special these gifts are.  Acts of kindness and labors of love are so deeply appreciated.

This just made my day!


  1. Roan, You are such an encouragement to others and you have given back so much with your pillows that you make and donate and even just your words and especially your faith. God knew what He was doing when He inspired those women to pray for you and keep lifting you up in His light.

    Thank God for all of the people who prayed for you and your precious family! I can imagine how wonderful it will be to snuggle with your children under that quilt and read all those awesome Sonlight books!

  2. Beautiful - both the quilt and the encouragement from those precious ladies! I am reminded to be thankful for your healing and for your testimony. Renee'

  3. O my how wonderful and beautiful. The body of Christ at work:)