Monday, May 19, 2014

Menu, Miles, and Overwhelmed!

I have faced reality that my fabulous vacation is over.  I spent yesterday afternoon between church services making a menu, going through a huge stack of mail, shopping at Kroger and Sam's and tidying up the house.  Two more weeks of school.  I think we can make it!  I have so many summer projects planned (sewing, cleaning out, organizing, cleaning, school planning, just to name a few), and I hope that I can squeeze them all in in just two months.

I have decided to run the Rocket City Marathon on December 13.  That is 30 weeks away, so I have 12 weeks to increase my mileage to be ready to tackle an 18 week marathon plan.  I am still unsure about which marathon plan to use.  I have used my same marathon plan for 5 marathons, and I want to do something different this time.  I also have to set a realistic time goal.  I am not sure what that will be.

Here are this week's miles.  I have already run the 8 miler this morning.

Monday:  8
Tuesday:  5
Wednesday:  4
Thursday:  rest
Friday:  6
Saturday:  5

Here is this week's menu.  I will serve a green salad with each meal.  We enjoyed so much seafood and some delicious but not so healthy meals while we were on vacation.  I plan to serve lots of vegetables this week.

Monday:  stir fry vegetables, rice
Tuesday:  Caribbean black beans with mango salsa, rice
Wednesday:  roasted asparagus, potatoes (sweet and Yukon gold) and squash
Thursday:  eating out
Friday:  Southwestern bean burgers, chips and salsa
Saturday:  baked beans, corn on cob, slaw
Sunday:  refried beans taco bar

Please click here to visit Org.Junkie for more menu ideas.


  1. I love how easy stir-fry is. I've got it on my menu this week too. :)

  2. Tis the season for roasted asparagus... yum. My favorite way to cook it is on the grill.

  3. I was curious how did your kids get involved with running. I am a runner and would love for my kids to join me like you blog yours do.

    1. We started taking them to the park or wherever we were going to run, seven years ago. My two youngest were 1 and 3, so my husband and I took turns pushing them in the double jogging stroller. The older three (ages 7 ,8,and 10 at the time) just ran with us. We made it fun, and started with them doing 20 minutes or so. We ran together 2-3 nights a week that first summer, and would go for an icee, coke, ice cream, etc., after some of the runs. We signed up for local 5K races, and the kids really enjoyed that. They were hooked!
      Then it just grew slowly. We found out about a homeschool cross country team in our area. The children started running with them in the fall and spring. We signed up for more races, and we began doing 2 10Ks each spring. It just evolved into a fun family sport, something that we could all do together. Now my youngest is 8, and he trained for his first 10K this spring.
      One key factor for us was our city park. It has a 1/2 mile walking track with a nice playground in full view of the track. My younger kids can play on the playground while I run (they will run a little first). My older kids can leave the park and run through town, but I can keep my eye on the younger ones while I run.)

      I really think having the younger ones participate in 5Ks is the surest way to get them hooked on running. All of the cheering for the young runners is very encouraging.

      I hope these ideas have helped you! :)