Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Fun Day in Memphis

Jimmy and I had a meeting this morning in Memphis, so we just made a day out of it.  The children did their school while we met, and then we went to Whole Foods for lunch.  Delicious.  And then we browsed the store, and I so wish that we had a Whole Foods in Tupelo.  Except that it would blow my grocery budget!

We bought several items that we don't have in our local grocery store---two different cereals, some protein/granola bars, a new kind of protein powder, and some organic soap.  How exciting!  I also bought some organic lipstick!  Again, the lipstick color that I have been using for a few years has disappeared from the Walmart shelf.  I cannot find it online.  It is just a $1.97 shade of NYC lip color.  I guess my color is not popular.  Anyway, I found this organic lipstick that is the perfect color.  I plan to see if I can find it online and stock up.  I don't go to Whole Foods that often.

After that we went to Mud Island.  We haven't visited there as a whole family in about 6 years.  Leah and Sam hardly remembered it.  Mud Island is a to-scale (very small scale) replica of the Mississippi River.  You can walk the entire winding river and wade in it if you wish.  My kids and I all waded at some point.  It is from about 1 inch to 1 foot deep.  It ends in the "Gulf of Mexico", which is a pond.

Then we came home, dropping Jimmy and the boys off in New Albany for their monthly Knife Club meeting.  The girls and I enjoyed supper together at home, cleaned up the kitchen, and now we are doing a little bit of tidying.  Fun and exciting times.  Really it is.  The everyday things are ordinary and special at the same time.  Just being together and enjoying each other's company is enough.

I finished cleaning out Leah's room.  It looks fabulous!  Next I plan to help Olivia clean up (and unpack all of her college stuff) her room.  Then I will move down to Sam's room.  The bottomless pit of toys, stuffed animals, and collectibles of all kinds.  It may take me days!

I am still researching marathon training plans.  Jimmy bought a book about the Hanson Brothers Marathon Training Plan.  It seems like something I may want to try.  It is certainly different than what I have done for my last 5 marathons.  I have a few weeks to decide.  I am still thinking.

Going to help Olivia for a little while before time to read bedtime books to Leah and Sam.

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