Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu and Miles

Here is this week's menu:
Monday:  supper at Kelly and Lynn's for a Memorial Day Celebration--I'm taking pasta salad and fruit salad.
Tuesday:  baked eggplant over whole wheat pasta, salad
Wednesday:  bean tacos
Thursday:  coconut curry rice, baked potatoes (in case some people don't like the rice!), salad
Friday:  homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, salad
Saturday:  new potatoes (hopefully from our garden), other roasted vegetables, green beans, salad

This week's miles:
Monday:  9 (done!)
Tuesday:  6
Wednesday:  off
Thursday:  6
Friday:  5
Saturday:  4

I didn't do my last 6 mile run last week.  :(  I plan to get all my miles run this week!  :)

I think I have decided on a marathon plan.  It will begin in 11 weeks.  I considered doing a plan that has you running 6 days a week, but I wisely decided that running 6 days a week might push me over the edge of insanity!  So I am taking a 6 day a week plan that includes a speed work day and a "race pace" day in addition to the long run, but I am going to drop one of the short miles days so the plan will just be 5 days.  That I can handle.  I think.
I signed up for the Rocket City Marathon today!  (Registration opened this morning).

You can visit for more menu ideas.

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