Saturday, May 17, 2014

Guess Where We Have Been?

We just got back from Seaside, Florida, one of my favorite vacation destinations!

14 children

6 adults

Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

Kelly, Lynn, and their children stayed in a beautiful Seaside house with our family, plus one extra (Olivia's friend from college, Daniel).  Joe and Leanna and their children stayed in another house just down the road.

We spent our days running, biking, relaxing and reading, building sand castles, shopping in downtown Seaside, enjoying many delicious meals together, putt-putt golfing, and mostly just hanging out and enjoying one another's company.

We arrived home late this afternoon and I have already unpacked everything (with everyone's help!).

We have two more weeks of school, but I sure did enjoy my Seaside vacation!

More pictures to come.


  1. the pictures on the beach! You all look so relaxed! And Daniel...can't wait to hear more about that! *Smile*

  2. Roan, I've only commented a few times here, but just had to NOW! It is so ironic that you were in Seaside recently. I remember the first time you ever posted about Seaside on this blog...I was "wowed" by its beauty and asked my husband if we could ever go there... Now prepare yourself...Not only did I get to visit in April, but we are moving to a place 30 minutes from Seaside!! God truly works in mysterious ways. We are leaving Nassau, The Bahamas after two years in ministry and going to Crestview, FL where my husband will be Assistant Pastor at Crossway Community Church. Next year if you vacation in Seaside, I would love to meet you!