Friday, April 29, 2011

Questions About Comments

First of all, thankfully our community was spared any tornado damage. We spent 48 hours in and out of the basement, and my children slept down there for two nights. Jimmy and I would join them in the middle of the night when the tornado warning sirens went off, and I kept the TV on our local news channel (when the satellite was working) to receive weather reports all day long Wednesday. Unfortunately, other areas nearby here in both Mississippi and Alabama were hit hard, and the devastation and loss of lives is just terrible. My real life friend Anita's daughter's home was destroyed. Thankfully, she and her husband and three small children were not home! You can visit Anita's blog, Busy Hands, Busy Minds, to read about it. I hope that you will join me in praying for all of those affected.

About the comments. I love it when readers leave comments on my blog! That means that someone is actually reading what I write! I want to respond to your comments, especially if you ask me a specific question, but I am unsure of the best way to do this.

  • Do I visit your blog (if you have one) and answer your question there under your most recent post? What if you don't have a blog, and you just have a Google ID so that you can comment on blogs?
  • Do I answer your question in my own comment section, just underneath your question? If you comment on a blog and ask the writer a question, do you visit their blog later on to see if your question was answered?
Please leave me a comment and advise me the best way to comment about comments!

Thank you!


  1. HI! I read your blog daily :) but hardly ever comment. I have a blog, but I had to make mine private due to health issues for one of my children, I needed a place to pour out my heart, but protect her privacy at the same time. I would love to be able to ask you some questions about the journey of beginning runner to marathon runner - would you have time to answer a few questions in your comment section? Sunshine

  2. I usually reply to comments in my comments section but I have a blog and love for you to come by for a visit. (Although I need to post more often.) So I think either way is fine.

  3. that's a tough one... I rarely ever check back under the comments for an answer to a question. and it's nice to have someone read my blog. but then some comments end up in moderation and I didn't even know they were there. maybe once a week (month) you can have a "Roan answers questions" blog post. :)
    It's nice that you care to answer.


    ps. Just ran my first Half yesterday and plan to blog about it soon.

  4. I always reply by e-mail to my commenters. I do this mainly because I don't think my commenters will go back and check out the comments and I don't want them to think I've ignored their questions. Happy May!

    Ashley Lee

  5. Some very good points made here, some I may need to consider myself.

    Speaking of questions, I have one that does not relate to this post but I don't know where to email you. I notice you use Horizon math for your younger children. HOw do you like this program? I am trying to decide on a math to use with Hope. I keep coming back to Horizon but I would love some feedback from someone using it.
    You can email me at if you like or post something here. Thanks for your help!

  6. I am so glad you are asking this question, because I have left you a question in your comments section, but I never went back to see if you answered it, and I did wonder how I would ever know if you answered me.

    I don't get a lot of comments on my blog, it just isn't all that interesting, but in the past I have gone to the blog of the person commenting and left a reply comment in their comments section when they leave a comment for me. (I hope that makes sense!) I also think Ashley's idea of replying to a question via email seems to be the best idea. Then you know that person gets an answer.

    My old question to you was "How did your kids get started in the Spartans Running Club? I would love to find a club for my daughter here in Kansas."

    Have a great week!