Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nehemiah Run For Missions 5K

Last Saturday, Olivia and Julie joined some of their Spartan teammates to run the Nehemiah Run For Missions 5K in Pontotoc. The weather was almost perfect for a race....the temperature was nice and cool, it was just windy. Jimmy was on call last weekend, so he couldn't run, and Clay had gone camping and fishing with Kelly and his three sons. Leah, Sam, and I watched and cheered everyone on.

the Spartan runners before the race

Sam climbing a tree during the race

Leah and Sam trying to stay warm during the awards ceremony

Julie and Sam: Overall Male and Female Winners

Olivia with her 1st Place in Age Group medal

I am always proud of my children when they run a race, just for the fact that they are in shape and are able to compete. They put in many, many hours of running and strength training. They try to eat healthy, and they set goals for themselves. Jimmy and I try not to put any pressure on them--we just want them to enjoy the sport for their lifetime. Sometimes after races there are tears of disappointment, and sometimes they are excited about reaching a personal goal. After this race, Olivia was all smiles! She had met a personal goal, and she was so happy about it!

Our family is participating in a few upcoming local races: The Children's Mansion 5K, The Coca-Cola 10K (a favorite....the race director is my marathon Koach!), and the Gumtree 10K (right here in Tupelo). Of those races, I am only running the Coke 10K, and then I plan to run the 1 mile fun run at the Gumtree with Leah and maybe Sam if he wants to. Leah has set the goal of running her first 5K this summer. I am thinking that she will be ready for a June race. Currently she has built up to running 2 miles. I am looking forward to running races with her....until she gets so fast that I cannot keep up with her.....then I can run with Sam!

Happy Running!

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