Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Insanity Day 2

Ok, I know I said that I WAS NOT going to try another Insanity workout, but after encouragement from several different people, (and the fact that I was less sore today after completely resting from all exercise yesterday, and also I ran three miles this morning pain free) I decided to try one more workout.

I just completed Day 2. It actually was not as bad as the Fit Test, although it was about 15 minutes longer. It mixed circuit cardio with stretching, so that made it bearable. I did the first two rotations pretty well (a whole lot slower than the people on the video, but I could actually do the exercises). The last rotation was pretty much impossible. I just did the best I could, probably doing 1 rep for their every 5 reps! Yes, it was that hard!

I'll see if I can walk tomorrow! My fitness friends convinced me that strengthening my core muscles and improving my flexibility will benefit my running, so I am going to continue to TRY the Insanity workouts 3 days a week.

I may quit again tomorrow when I see how I feel! I'll keep you posted!


  1. Roan,
    You are so funny! I looked at those videos and I bet I couldn't make it through the first day! They look super hard! You inspire me to want to give it a try though! Did you order them online or were you able to buy them in a store?

  2. I am doing the Chalene version of those intense cardio drills, Turbo Fire. Crazy stuff! Great Job!!

  3. You are making me laugh. (You know, because I'm SO fit and can keep up with you ANY day! NOT!) I can't wait to hear how you felt after Day 2! :)

  4. Good job! I'd love to hear what you think of it in a few weeks and how it has benefited you!