Monday, April 25, 2011

More of Olivia's 16th Birthday

Julie wanted to make Olivia something special to give her for her birthday. She had received a sewing book for Christmas that included patterns and instructions for making a dress. She asked me to help her make Olivia a dress for her birthday. We began in January! About once every week or two we would meet in our sewing room, close the door, set the timer for one hour, and get to work. I have found that sewing in one hour increments is a good idea. Any shorter than that does not allow enough time to make much progress, and any longer just leads to tiredness and frustration (since I am not an expert seamstress). So, we made the dress--one hour at a time. I lost count at how many sewing sessions we had, but I am thinking at least six.

Julie was so proud and happy to give Olivia her labor of love!

Olivia modeling the dress

Leah, Me, Sam, and Clay, all watching Olivia open her presents.
Yes, that is a pacifier in Sam's mouth!

Clay worked hard on a handmade gift for Olivia too. He carved a spoon out of cedar wood from our yard. Leah and Sam made Olivia cards, and Leah spent some of her own money to buy Olivia some felt.

Holding the spoon that Clay crafted

Most of Olivia's gifts had a craft theme--that girl loves handwork! She got yarn, felt, crochet and felt instruction books, and a couple of other fiction books. We also gave her 9 yards of fabric so that she could make an Indian sari! She has been asking for this for some time now.

one of the crocheting books

a bag full of yarn and the sari fabric

Olivia with her birthday cake

It was a great day!


  1. How thoughtful and special to make so many of her gifts. I am sure these are things she will treasure!

  2. I love your blog. I aspire to run a marathon one day -I have learned so much reading your posts and your encouragement.

    My two oldest girls LOVED their pacifiers (they called them pabby's) and my oldest had hers until she was five and her younger sister (my middle girl) had her's until she was five too. I miss those days :( !!!!

    You have a beautiful family, thank you for sharing them. Sunshine