Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Ten Recent Happenings at Our House

  1. Olivia got her driver's license permit! She has been studying the rule book for some time now, and last Wednesday night she decided that she would like to go take her test the next day! Of course it was an ordeal--gathering all of the necessary paperwork and having everything notarized, but finally we arrived at the license place. We waited about and hour and a half. She passed her eye exam, and then we waited some more. Next, she took the actual written test on the computer, and........she passed! We waited some more. The man took her picture. We waited some more. Then the permit was ready! Hooray. Next task: learn to actually drive.
  2. Jimmy took Olivia for her very first driving lesson Sunday afternoon. He began by pointing out which pedal was the gas and which one was the break.
  3. I planned the next 6 weeks of school for the children (which is just making their daily checklists), and I realized that yes, we are doing school all summer! Mostly we will be finishing our Sonlight readings all summer. But that is ok, because I read aloud to the children year round anyway.
  4. I am caught up on laundry. For now.
  5. I sewed for one hour with Julie Sunday afternoon. Julie is making a present for Olivia's upcoming birthday. We have spent three separate one hour sewing sessions working on her gift so far. I think one more session, or maybe two will finish it up.
  6. Leah had a fever and sore throat for 24 hours, but now she seems better, and no one else is sick. Yet.
  7. This morning is my last run before the marathon Saturday! I check the weather forecast at least 12 times a day. It is now showing a high of 82 and 30% chance rain/thunderstorms. Panic! We have not run in the heat at all! The rain could actually be a blessing. Not lightning, just a slow, steady, cooling rain.
  8. Olivia cooked supper last night all by herself. That may have been a first. Olivia has many, many talents, but Julie is usually my kitchen helper. Olivia offered to cook while I was running, and when I was through, supper was ready!
  9. We started reading two new books this week: Around the World in 80 Days, and Daughter of the Mountains. We began a biography of William Carey last week too.
  10. I have read about one-third of Large Family Logistics, and two pages of Little Women.
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  1. wow, lots going on! Congrats on the permit! :)