Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Week of No Running

For the first time in probably almost three years, I have taken 7 days off from running. I have rested from running four to six days after various half marathons or maybe during a vacation, but I can't remember the last time I went seven days without running.

My body enjoyed the rest.

It took until last Thursday for my marathon soreness to be completely gone. I can now get out of bed and go both up and down stairs with ease. Nothing hurts! I am all rested and ready to go!

So here is my current fitness plan. Beginning tomorrow, I plan to slowly rebuild my mileage base. I will run a total of 12 miles this week. Three miles a day, four days this week. Next week, I will run a total of 14 miles, and then 15, then 16, and so on, adding one or two miles each week to my total until I reach 30 miles a week by the week of August 1. Then I plan to hold at 30 miles a week for the month of August, and if I am feeling good, and if Lynn agrees to train with me, we are going to begin our 14 week marathon training plan again! Yes! I think we are going to do the St. Jude Marathon on December 3.

In addition to rebuilding my running miles, I am going to try something new beginning tomorrow.


The set of exercise DVDs called Insanity, not actually losing my mind (I have already done that!). I previewed some of them yesterday, and I am not confident that I can even complete the Fitness Test, but I am going to try! The workouts are insane! I am not going to do the program exactly like prescribed--you are supposed to do the workouts 6 days a week for 60 days--I am going to just work through them in order, but three days a week. Now this is still just a plan, because I have not actually done a workout, but I plan to do Insanity and run on two days a week, run only two days, and do Insanity only one day--to give me a total of 5 days of exercise a week. A really fit friend of mine had success combining Insanity and running in a program similar to this, and so I am going to try it. I'll post in a week how it has gone...or if it has gone.


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how you like it. I'm doing TurboFire 6x/week (with no running),1200 calories a day, no sugar, and no eating after 8 pm. Sundays are my "off" day, when I don't have to follow any eating rules or work out. Got to get this last 10 lbs off!

  2. Ok, I'm going try insanity. I don't know if I can handle the obnoxious music, though : ). I'm sure it would work just as well in a classic rock version, but I don't know if Shaun T would agree : ).


  3. I tried one of the insanity videos when in Hawaii visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago. Wow. I am considering buying them to do after my 1/2 marathon. It was crazy though.

  4. Oh, I'd love to hear what you think of Insanity! Be sure to give us your review!!