Friday, April 1, 2011

I Survived the Marathon Training!

Lynn, my faithful running partner!

This morning Lynn and I finished our last long run (15 miles) before the marathon, which is one week from tomorrow!

We have had a few people join us for our long and medium runs throughout our training--Lynn's husband Kelly, friends Yonea and Amber, and today Olivia (who ran 10 of the 15 with us), but Lynn and I have done every step of every long run together. We have followed the same exact marathon training plan that totaled 480 miles in 13 weeks. Well, we ran almost the exact amount of miles..... In week five of our training I battled severe knee pain, and I skipped one of our four mile runs. I have run a total of 1.5 miles extra over the 13 weeks, so my actual total is 477.5 miles in 13 weeks. Lynn ran all 480 of those miles!

Now we rest. And eat lots of good carbs beginning Wednesday. We do have a four mile run Monday and a three mile run on Tuesday, but after that, REST. And snack.

I cannot believe we survived the training. To look at the 13 week plan back in January was overwhelming. In fact, we would not even look at the weeks ahead, just the week we were on. We have run every single long run except for one in gloves and multiple layers of clothes. It has been COLD here in Mississippi at 6 AM. I have checked and rechecked the 10 day forecast for Jackson, TN, and the high on race day is predicted to be 74. We have not run in that hot of weather. We are nervous about that, but are hoping for the best.

I am so excited!!!!


  1. Wow, I am impressed! Looking over your blog I see you have accomplished several goals. You did that with hard work. What an inspiration. Praying that your marathon will be a wonderful success!

  2. Roan,
    I SO wish I could run like you! You have some "drive", girl! Congratulations!

  3. Perservance! Way to go Roan. I admire you. Good luck next week.

  4. Way to go, Roan and Lynn. It's so good you've had each other!