Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Look

Well, do you like it?

I am still rearranging my sidebar items....but this was the easiest blog background change ever! It literally took 20 seconds, just like the LeeLou site says. And I did not lose one single widget!

This week has been hard! Mondays are always difficult, because we have to adjust to school after the weekend, and we have to leave the house at 1:40 for piano lessons. Yesterday was hard too, because I overslept (still trying to get used to the time change), and I did not get to run before we started school. I ran after lunch, and we were scurrying around trying to leave at 2:45 for cross country practice. We were a few minutes late for practice, and I was unable to prepare our supper before we left. We arrived home a little after 6:00, and I had to go to Plan B for supper. Chicken tacos. After a night of cleaning the kitchen, watching American Idol while folding a ton of clean clothes, and getting the children to bed, I finally got a shower at 11:00 P.M.

I determined that today would be better! I got up when my alarm clock went off at 5:20, and I spent some time reading encouraging Scriptures and praying. I adjusted my attitude. I mentally listed many, many things that I was thankful for, and then I ran 5 miles. This was a much better start to my day! We had a really productive school day, and we are currently reading another fabulous book, Across Five Aprils.

As we are approaching the end of our school year (we will finish on the last Friday in May), I am already thinking about next year. What will I change? What will stay the same? I plan to post about my curriculum decisions after I finalize them.

Julie is cooking our supper tonight, and I am really thankful for the good day we have had.


  1. Roan,
    I love it! So cute and I don't "know" you, but it really fits you! I am excited to see your choices for next year! Thanks for your e-mails last week. I am wondering with Sonlight...what makes it so wonderful? Do the cores just address History? Couldn't you just check out all those books at the library and read them? I looked through their catalog and am wondering what is all in the TG's. Also, do you use the TG with the Daily Grams for 2nd grade? Hope your day DID turn out better than Monday...Guess I should've just e-mailed you with all of these questions! Have a great evening!
    Nicki Bourgeois

  2. I love your new look!!!!
    Glad you had a good day.

  3. Very cute! I have already been thinking ahead to next year too. One thing is a state history..of course WV! HA I want to make that interesting so I am trying to think WAY ahead. Also, we need to do a president study also. Any suggestions? My science needs to be stronger in the upcoming year also.

  4. I do like your new blog design! Fun!

    We have Across Five Aprils on our book case, but have not gotten to it yet. Christian is almost finished with the books that he is reading right now, so maybe I will put that one next on the list!

  5. I love it too, Roan!! I played with mine last week...very scary indeed! I was trying to widen my columns so I had to actually adjust the html stuff. I like the three columns (a wide one in the middle with 2 narrow ones on the sides). Did you have that before?

  6. Love the new look. I just tried to change my blog template today and lost a bunch of widgets - so frustrating! I need to check out the site you mentioned!