Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Clay!

Clay is 11 today! Today also begins our Spring Break, so everyone is excited!

We began our day with birthday breakfast and present opening! Sam was with me when I bought one of Clay's gifts, a Toy Story Lego set. He has tried unsuccessfully to keep it a secret all week. First, he told me (when Clay was not that far away) that he would not tell Clay that his present was Buzz Lightyear Legos! Last night in bed (they share a room, so Clay was just across the room) Sam said, "I can't wait for Clay to open his Buzz Lightyear Legos tomorrow!" And today I found out that when Sam and Clay were looking at the new Lego catalog together, Sam pointed to the Toy Story Lego set and told Clay that he was getting that for his birthday! Even though Clay was pretty sure which Lego set he was getting for his birthday, he was still very happy to receive it!

the gifts

the table

Leah, Clay, and Julie playing a game while waiting for me to cook breakfast

Clay requested pig in the blankets and scrambled eggs for breakfast, pasta salad and fruit salad for lunch, and Parmesan potatoes for supper. I plan to cook a pork tenderloin and make a salad to go along with the potatoes.

Sam and Clay at breakfast

the new Wii game that my parents gave Clay

a Lego set from Sam

a big surprise--golf clubs!

Leah, Julie, and Sam playing with the golf club box. They were pretending to be a vacuum cleaner!

The children and Jimmy played the new Wii game for a while, and then I took Clay to Toys R Us so he could buy some more Legos using the gift cards from his friends. He purchased two more Toy Story Lego sets. They really are cute. He has already built one of them.

After lunch, Jimmy took Clay to the driving range to try out his new golf clubs. In fact, they are still there!

We will eat cake and ice cream either this afternoon or after supper, and spend the rest of the day playing with Clay.


  1. Clay, Happy Birthday! Josh, Kathey & David

  2. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Clay...
    Happy birthday to you.
    And many more!!!!

    (He's a fine young man!)

    The Georges

  3. Happy Birthday Clay!!

    Looks like a great day!!

  4. Happy Birthday Clay. Looks like he had a great day!