Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in Memphis

We spent the day in Memphis today. Our first stop was Target! When you don't have a Target in your town, or anywhere near your town, visiting Target is a must do when you are near one! We spent about an hour or more there looking around at everything, and I bought some spring clothes for some of the children.

Our next stop was the Zoo! Sam has been really looking forward to our zoo trip. He planned to feed peanuts to the elephants! But, we explained to him repeatedly that you could not actually feed the animals at the zoo. Sadly, by the time we got to the elephants and giraffes, they had gone inside for the day! However, we viewed many other entertaining animals.

Jimmy and Sam looking at the monkeys

Leah, Julie, Clay, and Olivia

Leah and Sam waiting for the sea lion show

We were near the sea lions just in time for one of their shows. It was great! The four sea lions did all sorts of tricks.

still waiting....

Here we are waiting too

By the time we finished touring the zoo, it was almost suppertime. We decided to try out Gus's Famous Fried Chicken. We had heard great reviews about this restaurant, but we have never been before. It is located in downtown Memphis. I was trying to explain to the children that sometimes the best restaurants aren't that fancy, they may even be a little bit rustic.....I said sometimes we call them a hole in the wall. But usually those places have the best food!
When we entered Gus's, Leah looked around and said, "Mama, I don't see a hole in the wall!"

Sitting around our table in Gus's.

Shortly after taking these pictures, Sam climbed onto my lap and fell asleep. He slept through the entire meal, dessert and all! We put his food into a carry out box, and he ate it in the car.

The walls of Gus's were adorned with many humorous signs and various posters and advertisements.
This one is the funniest of all!

When we finished our delicious (but extremely unhealthy!) supper, we went by Rhett and Amanda's house for a short visit. The children enjoyed playing with their cousins--it was a nice little visit.


  1. ok - I've changed my mind...I thought Leah looked the most like you, but when I saw the picture of you Julie and Olivia, I though Julie WAS you...until I realized you were right beside her in the picture! Beautiful family, Roan!!

  2. Jackson has been asking to go to the zoo. I need to check Jeff's schedule and get us there before it gets too hot. It is so great that you can take your kids and have wonderful day trips. You have a very blessed life!

  3. Why, oh why, can't we get a Target in Tupelo?!!!
    We always used to go the zoo around this time of year. Logan's b-d is the 21st of this month, and he always picked to go to the zoo. This year he'll be 17, and he's already said he wants to go to The Melting Pot. I know we'll have a great time, but I do miss the zoo!!
    We'll have to give Gus's a try!
    Thanks for sharing!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful day!!
    God bless and hugs to all!!

  4. Loved your post on Memphis! We moved from close to there a little over a year ago and miss the zoo!

    Just found your blog but right now I can't remember how I got here. I was super excited to read about the MOTH and chorepacks. I have been thinking about taking that plunge for a few years now and I am glad to see more and more encouragement to use them! Thanks a bunch!