Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Things Children Say

One of the reasons I am blogging is to record things that my children say and do. Usually it is only Leah and Sam that say humorous things.....they often mispronounce words or use them incorrectly. However, this morning it was Clay who cracked me up. I had just finished reading aloud to the children for about an hour. We had been reading about the Civil War and then Across Five Aprils, and I thought the mood of the household was on the serious side. As I was gathering up my books, ready to begin schoolwork, Clay matter-of-factly asks, "Do you ever see faces on the floor?"

What? What in the world are you talking about?

He continues, "You know, pictures of faces in the hardwood floor." I still do not know what he means, but his sisters chime in saying, "Yes!" And then they all gather around different spots on our hardwood floors, showing each other the "pictures" they see....faces, animals, etc. Wow! How creative?....how loony?....Next the girls ask Clay if he has seen the animals and faces in the shower?!? We have the same tile in all of our showers, so they all rush to the closest bathroom to compare notes. They have all seen the same "pictures" in our bathroom tile! Wow again......a buffalo (the girls called it a woolly mammoth), a whale, a face, etc. I have really creative children!

Now, here are some more normal funny things my children have recently said:

Leah calls a small piece of pie or cake a slither of pie. As in, "May I have a slither of pie?"

Sam loudly sings, "There's no God like Jehobah!" (Jehovah). He also says her instead of she, every time! Just yesterday he told Clay, "Don't hurt that knife Julie crocheted for me! Her worked hard on it!" He also pronounces crochet with the emphasis on the second syllable....croCHET. It really is funny! And yes, Julie croCHETED Sam a pocketknife yesterday. He is very proud of it, and he intends to cut wood with it!


  1. My kids and I do the same thing about the faces in natural products like wood and stone. The house I grew up in had paneling in the den. There was always this little bearded man I could see in the wood near the doorway! I can still see it in my minds eye to this very day!
    Now my kids see "things" in our wood floors and other wood work. Everyone once in a while, they say you know that place near where the so-and-so is in the door facing.
    A couple of summers ago we had the kids showers done in a natural stone. I know our very kind stone layer thought we were crazy! He had laid a section of Logan's shower one day and when Logan and M.C. went in to look at it that night they both "saw" a figure (my forty-plus-year-old mind can't remember right at this moment what the figure was). Once they had pointed it out, it was all I could see every time I looked at it that night! When the stone layer came back the next morning, I showed him and asked him if he could remove that piece. He said he had removed stones for a lot of different reasons, but seeing a picture in a stone was a first! He was a good sport and removed the piece. He ribbed us the rest of the time he was here, making me look through the pieces before he laid them to see if I could see anymore pictures! It got to be a funny joke between us all!
    Best wishes to you guys for a great week!!

  2. That puts a whole new twist on looking for pictures in clouds! LOL!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. Oh this is so cute! I remember laying in bed as a child and seeing faces and animals in my ceiling designs, good memories!