Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Week So Far

First of all, I am always so glad when Megan attends our family events, because she blogs all about the event before I have time to, and then I don't have to! So please click here to read all about the Johnson Easter Egg Hunt.

Insanity Update: I did day 4 yesterday, Cardio Recovery, and that is my favorite workout so far. No jumping! It was just stretching, squats, and lunges. Today I did day 5, and it was called Pure Cardio. Brutal. I felt like I had just run a race a full speed! So after 5 days, I am now convinced that I am going to stick with Insanity for the next couple of months.

Bread Update: I have been wanting to blog about my newest homemade bread recipe and my new bread making equipment for over a week now. I plan to get to that really soon. The recipe is delicious!

Weather Update: We have been plagued with storms off and on for over a week. Last week we had hailstorms twice in one day, tornado warnings, and severe thunderstorms. The children have slept in the basement twice in the last week because of the storms, including last night. Jimmy and I joined them down there last night for about 2o minutes while the worst of the storm passed through. We were awakened by the tornado siren around 12:45 AM. The weather calmed down around 1:45, so it was probably 2 AM before we went back to sleep. We are expecting more bad weather this afternoon, and I think tomorrow too. I am so grateful that we have a basement. No matter how loud the wind is howling, when we are in our schoolroom with the door shut, we cannot hear a thing!

School Update: We are still working very hard! The girls have both finished module 13 in their Apologia science courses, and I think that Clay has only one more chapter in his Apologia Elementary science book. I have been reading extra in our Sonlight read alludes (up to 3 or 4 hours on some days, total), and I have also chosen 3 books to skip completely. This will allow us to finish up our cores before August 31st. I really hope we are done with all school by the middle of July so I will have time to organize the upcoming school year. I want to begin our next school year in August. I ordered our Sonlight books for next year last week. I went ahead and ordered them because I had a 10% discount that expired April 22. I may have to hide the books when they arrive this week, or the girls will have them all read by the end of May!

Bible Study Update: I am still studying the book of James. I am considering memorizing the entire first chapter. I am currently working on verses 1-3.

Spring Cleaning Update: None! I have good intentions of doing some major spring cleaning, but haven't found the time to do it yet. I'll blog about my plan when I actually make it!


  1. I LOVE the picture of Sam, it kind of sums up the weekend we had.

    Once again I am inspired by your hard work to reach your goals. Lately when I have been tempted to skip something I need to do that will help me reach a goal I have thought of you and just did what I needed to do.

  2. I'm so OVER this weather!

    I ordered our Sonlight core today. I, too, will have to hide the books or they'll all be devoured well before fall.

    Did I tell you I'm doing the Bible in 90 days now? You inspired me. I'm on my last day of Deuteronomy. I can't BELIEVE how much I am loving spending the time in His word this way. Being washed and renewed daily.

    Thanks for the update! Been wondering about your bread!

  3. Oh, I'm sooo jealous that you all get to hide out in your school room. The only windowless, interior room in our house is our TINY powder bath, so we have been crowding in there a LOT lately...and will be in there again tonight...not fun.

    Christian just finished up module 13 in Apologia Physical Science yesterday. He was struggling with his studying a little bit, and so I found this site online...
    At the top, there are flashcards for that module, and to help Christian prepare for the test, he clicked on the "learn" button, and then the "test" button to make sure he was ready for the real test. Quizlet has all of the Apologia sciences I think, and other subjects as well! I'm always happy to find fun ways to supplement what we are doing in the books! :)

  4. Is that the only reason I'm wanted at your family events?! Haha! It's my pleasure to blog for you anytime! :) We had a great time!