Friday, April 8, 2011

Pre-marathon Jitters!

Yes I have them, so I am going to blog about it.

I am very nervous!

I couldn't sleep very well last night, and two nights before the race is the night you are supposed to get good sleep! I hope that I sleep better tonight....we'll see since I'll be in a hotel.

I have been carb loading for three days now--eating small amounts of mostly good carbs throughout the day. I have also been drinking tons of water. Tons! I am counting on this reserve of carbs and hydration to carry me through the marathon tomorrow because....

It is supposed to get up to 88 degrees!!

That is my biggest concern. My marathon running buddy, Lynn, just texted me while I am typing this to inform me that tomorrow's temperature is predicted to be a record high. Well, that's just great! Our marathon Koach told us to adjust our time goal expectation. That means that the race is going to take us much longer to complete than we expected. Lynn and I had set a goal of under 5 hours. We just wanted a 4 in front of our time. Now, we have adjusted our time goal expectation to just finishing! I feel especially bad for Jimmy. This is his 5th marathon, and he has been training super hard in order to set a personal record. I am afraid that he may have to adjust his time goal expectation too.

Aunt Megan and Uncle Russ are coming to babysit the children that are not going. Olivia and Julie are going with Jimmy and me. Olivia is running the half-marathon with my friend Yonea to keep her company, and Julie is running the 5K. Clay, Leah, and Sam are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Aunt Megan today.

We plan to leave early enough to drive the race course and set out some gatorade. Then we are eating a pasta dinner with some old friends. It should be a fun day! I hope my nerves survive!


  1. I think just finishing is an admirable goal! Next time you need to plan your marathon out my way : ). We've got flat land and cool temps!


  2. You will do great Roan! You will perservere. I will be praying for you.

  3. I am sure you will do great! You are an inspiration to me because you set goals then you do what it takes to reach those goals, you don't just hope they will happen.

    I will be praying for you and all those running.

  4. Good luck! I know you will do great!

  5. I will be thinking about you! I am sure you will do great!! Try to relax and have a good time. :)

  6. Good luck! You will be just fine.