Saturday, April 23, 2011

One More Insanity Post

I promise not to blog every time I do an Insanity workout! But if you are wavering about trying a new exercise program, I want to encourage you. Try it! After all of the agony I went through last Monday, I still say, "Try it!".

I did Day 3 of Insanity yesterday morning, and just like the 2nd workout, it really wasn't that bad. Of course I could not keep up with Shaun T. and the other people, but I still got a great workout. Just like on Day 2, by the time he got to the 3rd set of intervals, I could barely even do the exercise. I just modified it the best I could.

My soreness has greatly improved. I am barely even sore now! But, last night my right knee all of a sudden began throbbing. Going down stairs was very painful.....maybe it was the yard work I did late in the afternoon. I did a lot of bending and squatting while pulling weeds and trimming bushes. I also had to take the full wheelbarrow down a very steep hill to dump it.....I am hoping it was the yard work and not the workouts that hurt my knee. It feels better this morning, but the real test will be when I run my last 3 miles for the week in a little while.

Thursday afternoon I ran 3 miles and felt great. Leah and Avery (Lynn's daughter) ran the first 2 with Lynn and me, and then Lynn and I finished up the run alone. I have missed running with her! As we rebuild our total mileage we will eventually get back to meeting for a weekly long run. I am looking forward to that. Running has more benefits than just physical.

How is your exercising going? Are you trying something new? I want to encourage you to do something! If you don't know where to begin, put on some athletic shoes and walk for 3o minutes a day.

Happy Exercising!


  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement you are in many areas. As I have said before you encourge me as I see you set goals in several areas and stick to what it takes to reach that goal.

  2. I'm doing TurboFire. It's pretty intense! I'd really, really meant to be able to run the Coke 10K this year, but I never have been able to get back into the running habit. Mostly b/c I hate running by myself! After greenhouse season, Mark & I are thinking of doing P90X together. He's been invited to do Insanity w/ some guys starting next week.

  3. I did read online that Insanity is hard on knees. Hopefully your knee is better now. My insanity dvds are supposed to arrive the 26th. We're going to Lubbock tomorrow (2 hrs each way) to see a pediatric neurologist about Calvin's head. My mother-in-law is staying at the house with the 3 school-age kids while they get their work done. We're taking the little ones with us. Just a few more days and I start the 90 day Bible challenge again. April has flown by!