Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Monday!

It's Monday, and it's going to be a pretty good day here at the Johnson homestead!

First of all, Jimmy is off work, so we have no school today. Instead, we are have a home economics day. We will be doing yardwork before the rain comes and lots of laundry. We still have piano lessons and running practice this afternoon, but it is nice to not have to fly through schoolwork in order to be ready to leave at 1:30. We rarely have off days on Mondays, so today is a nice treat.

I will do Day 10 of Insanity today. I am so happy that I persevered with this exercise program. And to think that I quit after the first workout! I am finding that I can do to more and more of the workouts each time. Today's workout is my favorite: Cardio Recovery. That means no jumping around! Just stretching and strengthening. I will also run 3-4 miles this afternoon.

I do not have a Menu Plan Monday today. I did not grocery shop this weekend. I took a look at my pantry, my overflow pantry in my laundry room, and all of my refrigerators and freezers, and I decided that we have enough food. We are eating what we have for this whole week, or until all of the food runs out. I will have to buy some milk today, but that is all. We will be having a creative supper menu this week.

My Sonlight order for the next school year arrived a couple of days ago. I have not even opened the boxes, because I know that Olivia and Julie will devour the books! I need to sort them all out before I turn the girls loose! I also try to hide the books that will be read alouds. I will be doing the following cores next year:
Core 4/5: Sam
Core B: Leah
Core D&E combined: Clay
Core 100 Olivia

Poor Julie does not have a Sonlight core for next year. She will be doing Geography using Around the World in 180 Days (modified) and Mississippi History. I will supplement both of these courses with lots of good books!

I ground my wheat berries for the first time yesterday, and the bread was absolutely delicious! It was the best bread we have ever had! It really was that good. So fresh, so light and fluffy. I love my Bosch and my Nutrimill.

Well, I think that's all of the report for this Monday. What are you doing today?


  1. Go you with the Insanity. I have not tried it, only because I am not a fan of he annoying in it?

  2. We have tons of laundry and cooking do to today as well as trying to get the bulk of the school work done before Lauren and the grands get here. In the rush to leave the hotel in Memphis early Wed morning, she left her retainer. I got her an appointment for this afternoon so she can get it replaced. I think she will enjoy not having to think about things today!!

  3. Sam,
    He does not annoy me, he is encouraging. I am really enjoying these videos. Especially since some of the people in the back can't keep up with Shaun T. either!
    He really just tells the exercise, and keeps on saying form over speed.

  4. We're doing Sonlight D+E this year, too!

  5. Roan- I found your website through another homeschooling website last summer.

    I have been looking at Sonlight for next year (my second year homeschooling) and was wandering if you could answer a question for me. I will have a Preschool and a (young) First grader, but was thinking of using P4/5 for both of them. since I know my preschooler will want to do what my son is doing :)

    But I see that you use multiple Cores. How do you get all the reading done?

  6. I have such an overloaded pantry also! I have been stockpiling since January 1 and while it is really a rush to buy all of this stuff for so little, I was starting to wonder when it would be enough!

    My freezer is so loaded I can hardly tell what is in it! So I decided to start on May first and we are just going to eat our way through. I am not buying anything else for our pantry or freezer unless it is .25 or less per item. (Can't pass up a truly great deal!)

    I am just completing my first homeschool year. Working with my daughter Katy who is 11, we did Sonlight B. We just received our box for this next year and we are moving onto D&E. I am going to leap into homeschooling all of my girls so I will have a 6th, 4th, 2nd and pre-schooler for this next school year!